Hexamide Agrotech INC. is best known for the industrial reactor in India. The industrial reactors that we make are highly known for their efficiency. The product that we make are used in a variety of industries be it chemical industries or food industries or any other. Our clients have appreciated our reactors for their durability and long life service as we use only the best quality material like Stainless steel such as SS 304, SS 316 and so the finished product is always of good quality. Our reactors are easily operated and are crack resistant, also they have the best leakage proof features. So the reactor in India that we make is in par with the world standards. That is the same with the reactor kettle. India is now becoming famous for its industrial products too and we are a part of it. Our reactors are used in many industries to control and contain chemical reactions. The designs that we make are in accordance with the specifications of industry and the requirements of our respected clients.
We are able to create world class solutions because we use world class tools design technologies in addition our production facilities match the best in the business, Some of them are Plasma Arc cutting equipments, plate rolling, dish end, forming, matching, mechanical $ electro chemical polishing, mig welding, non destructive testing, liquid penetrating testing, ultrasonic thicknessgauging,paint thickness measuring,third party material testing and equipments testing, certi?ed by govt of India approved agency